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Delineate gives you the ability to find out the answer to any question, having access to the data through our platform allows me to deep dive any group or relationship that I can think of.

After working for a handful of research agencies through my career I’ve never worked somewhere that has better chemistry. Everyone cares and looks out for one another, we really do work as a team each and every day. Everyone was so friendly from the first day and as we grow, it’s a high priority to continue this culture and pass this on to anyone new so everyone feels part of Delineate.

Joining Delineate at a time of great growth is amazing, you really do feel like you have a part in growing this business and impacting the wider industry. The blend of research and technology is executed perfectly and supported by amazing staff who are great at what they do. It does feel like we can do anything here and there is no true limit!

Greg Forsaith

Client Success Manager, Delineate



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