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It is now possible to have survey data fed to you as it happens, live and direct. It’s the new way of doing things. Pioneered by Delineate. - Brand Tracking, Campaign Evaluation and Product Innovation
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Delineate Proximity

Delineate Proximity is a dynamic new technology platform designed by Delineate’s research experts to revolutionise the speed and immediacy with which marketers can draw actionable insights from survey data.

It dramatically enhances your ability to react, make smart decisions, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Delineate Proximity is the enabling platform for our three key services:
Brand Tracking, Campaign Evaluation and Product Innovation.

Delineate solutions

Brand Tracking

Remember when your brand tracking was reported every quarter, or even twice a year?

We’ve revolutionised brand tracking surveys by designing an always-on technology platform – an end-to-end survey supply chain.

We then deliver the data daily in the format that you need it in. It’s brand tracking for the 21st century.

Brand Tracking
Campaign Evaluation

Campaign Evaluation

Reviewing your campaign in the rear-view mirror is history. Literally. Why be three months late when you can test or measure your marketing effectiveness in real time?

Delineate data is made available to you close to the moments that matter, so it’s about what happened yesterday, not last month or last quarter.

Delineate data is always-on, always delivering, and captures how consumers respond to your campaigns in real-time.

Product Innovation

Today’s market is fast-moving. Innovations need to be invented, tested and in market fast. And in the context of real consumers’ lives.

Our platform allows you to get ideas tested and validated as fast as any research technique out there. But it goes deeper than that.

Our proprietary Brand Engagement Profile enables you to understand how your product will perform in the real world, based on real consumer behaviour.

Product Innovation

Clients Include

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