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Smile! 2020 is nearly over!

James Turner, Founder & CEO

Smile! 2020 is nearly over!

James Turner, Founder & CEO 

COVID-19 Impact Tracker

2020. How many of us will have fond memories of this year? Naturally, there were a one or two high points. But as we tried to recover and find our feet in this (not yet post) pandemic landscape, I think we can all agree these past twelve months have undoubtedly been a struggle.

It’s reassuring, as we often find in times of adversity, creativity shines in the darkness to raise our spirits. We had Zoom singalongs to raise our spirits in isolation, a nation clapping on our doorsteps to show appreciation and support for the NHS, and an explosion of meme culture on social media to bring a smile to our face.

And that’s what we want to celebrate. There have been some amazing campaigns this year, So many in fact, that we didn’t want to do a ‘best of’ list. We just wanted to remind ourselves of a couple of the campaigns that bought a smile to our face in 2020.


BBC’s Dracula Billboard Ad

New Year started with a bang and a bite. Stephen Moffat’s bold reimagining of the Dracula story certainly grabbed our attention, even if it split viewer opinion. But there’s no denying the genius of its billboard campaign (which technically, started December 2019, but we’re still counting it). The clever use of the shadow was startling, a precursor to a visually stunning TV event.

See the campaign


Starbucks: Every name’s a story (#whatsyourname)

Starbucks, in partnership with Mermaids UK, aired this beautiful ad featuring a young trans person finding welcome in an inclusive space. Positive, authentic, meaningful, it brought a joyful tear to our eye.

See the campaign


Emily – ‘Eat Bold’ Veg Sticks lockdown poster campaign (London)

The UK went into COVID lockdown at the end of March, and streets across the land were suddenly deserted. So April was probably not the best time to launch your first ever outdoor ad campaign. But what can you do? Instead of pulling the campaign, Emily changed their message to reflect the fact that no-one is going to see it. Bold, brilliant, and very funny.

See the campaign – “Match made in Hell” Ad campaign

Satan meets a girl named 2020 on dating app, they fall in love to a Taylor Swift song, and hope this year will never end. The scene where they take their picture together in front of a dumpster fire is everything. Genius.

See the campaign


Tesco – #Tescononaughtylist ad

We had to round off the list with a Christmas Ad. We’ve been treated to many heart-warming and emotional campaigns. But after everything we’ve been through in 2020, we really needed to hear we’ve been good boys and girls. So, we’re chosen with Tesco’s cheeky Christmas “No naughty list” ad –  because a few of us may be still holding on to a few extra loo rolls.

See the campaign


At Christmas, we can allow ourselves a little time to forgive and forget. And this year in particular, some festive cheer is more than welcome. We hope that 2021 brings you all good fortune and happiness. But whatever the future may hold (still looking forward to that post-pandemic landscape), we’re certain there will be some moments that will make us smile.


Everyone here at Delineate wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons and a truly hopeful New Year.

See you in 2021!






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