Reviewing your campaign in the rear-view mirror is history. Literally. Why be three months late when you can test or measure your marketing effectiveness in real time?

We’ve revolutionised campaign evaluation by making your data timely, relevant and actionable – delivered by our technology platform, Delineate Proximity.

Campaign Evaluation

Our campaign evaluation solution allows you to…

Delineate People
  • Evaluate your campaigns in real-time
  • Understand if your advertising and campaigns are delivering value
  • Make in-flight changes to campaigns
  • Validate your key audiences using the Brand Engagement Profile
Delineate Proximity

The platform is pre-configured to rapidly onboard clients, but also offers a high degree of customisation. It connects live and direct to consumers around the world and is currently available in over 130 countries. 

Delineate Proximity is always-on, always delivering, and captures how consumers respond to your campaigns in real-time.

Let’s talk about how we can help your business revolutionise the way campaign evaluation is done