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Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Generation Z. For the first time, we have four generations of people working together. This diversity is seen as overwhelmingly positive by employer and employee alike. But it creates a unique challenge, as each generation comes with its own attitudes and expectations of how the workplace should function.

Henley Business School wanted to explore the impact of Quadgen culture on business and management culture. A renowned, international institution, Henley Business School maintains its reputation for excellence with ground breaking research.

We were approached to conduct a large scale investigation into this emerging culture, exploring solutions to engage all four generations in the workplace. We started by accessing the views and expectations of business leaders and workers, using the Delineate platform. This allowed us to understand the challenges of Quadgen, and the impact that different approaches could have on the working environment.

We were able to move fast, generating data using the Delineate platform. With the foundations of the research quickly agreed, we set out to gather further insights to give us a full picture of the QuadGen experience. We developed data from the views of C-suite business leaders and owners, and from all four generations of employees in the workplace.

Our insights were then collated into the white paper “Four Better or Four Worse?” We included commentary on our research from across the business world, including 250 companies currently operating a four-day working week.

The thought leadership white paper was released to coincide with the Henley Business School’s Annual Journalists Regatta in 2019. The topic warranted such broad interest that it became the sole point of discussion at the expert panel. The key issues of the Quadgen workforce sparked debates such as – is a four-day week good for business?

The findings of this research were also developed into the session “Four Better or Four Worse: Will a Four Day Week Work?” at Henley’s “World of Work Conference: Work Reimagined” in September 2019.


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