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Artificial Intelligence is creating a fundamental shift in the way we work and play. It’s shaping the world we’re living in right now, and we’re only experiencing a fraction of its potential.

People have a genuine interest and optimism to learn more about how these technologies will benefit us. But many also feel powerless to question this progress, and there is plenty of misconception and fear about bias and ethics. There is even opinion on the potential for conflict between AI and humans.

Global electronics brand Samsung Electronics wanted to run a large scale campaign that could bring consumers into the AI conversation and broaden understanding across the UK. They believe everyone should have a voice in the development of our future – and there’s no time to waste.

The cornerstone of this campaign was a large scale study into the public’s attitudes to AI. Samsung UK needed accurate, reliable insights to help demystify the myths and anxiety currently surrounding AI, to enable the public be informed about its development.

Using the Delineate platform we rapidly generated views and opinions from across the UK and Ireland, crossing all generations, gender, and familiarity with AI. We wanted to know is AI perceived as having a positive influence on our society? Do we understand where this technology can take us? How will we interact with AI, and will it create biases against certain groups in society? Who is creating AI and do we have a say in how this technology will be used?

Our data yielded meaningful results that would become a wide reaching educational piece designed to stimulate conversation and broaden our understanding of new technology.

Our findings were published in the thought leadership white paper “Fair Future” which was launched to coincide with an event at London’s Science Museum. The event gave people the opportunity to witness the benefits of AI, voice their opinions, and provide a hands-on engagement with this transformational technology. 

Samsung continued to share the research as part of Science Festivals across the country. They also created an online hub to continue to help people understand what AI is and explore how it might evolve in the future.


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