What Tyto Needed

Tyto is brand new but its people are not. With over 150 years’ PR experience across the team, an average of 12 years per person, the agency has serious credentials in tech PR and a distinct point of view. The team needed a campaign to introduce its way of working to the world, whilst also demonstrating its knowledge of the UK tech scene.


A New Power List

Working closely with delineate’s PR and communications market research team, Tyto created the UK’s first objective list of influence within the tech industry. Most lists of influence focus on social media activity which can be easily gamed, but the Tyto list measured much more. It took into consideration a person’s media profile, how frequently they speak at events, the websites they write for, and, of course, their social connections too.

As a result, the list showed a true picture of influence in tech in the UK. Many more business leaders who often appear in the media and speak at events saw a high level of influence compared to more traditional lists that focus on social alone.

Tyto then launched the Tyto Tech 500 Power List. The list is housed on an interactive micro-site and features:

  • a summary and full PDF report
  • a dedicated episode on the c-suite podcast (featuring three of our top ten influencers)
  • an email campaign
  • organic social content
  • paid social content
  • SEO and PPC
  • plenty of influencer engagement (with their influencers, of course)

Register with Tyto here to receive a copy of the Tech 500 Power List.


Tangible Results

The list certainly captured the attention of the Tech 500 influencers and their audiences. With over 40,000 impressions, 6,600 visits to the campaign microsite and 200 report downloads, a lot of interest in Tyto was generated. In fact, all of the top ten influencers in the list engaged with Tyto either in person or on social media.

While the campaign was focused on awareness, not leads, Tyto was also able to generate 40 qualified leads as a result of the activity, one of which has already converted into a retained client.

As a result, the Tyto Tech 500 Power List will be the definitive guide to tech industry influencers for many more years to come.


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