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Meet bertie.


Always-on B2B insights into decision making responsibility, attitudes and behaviours. Designed for B2B agencies and marketers, bertie helps you understand your business target audience.


Why clients use bertie.

delineate bertie plan better campaigns

Plan better campaigns

Know your B2B audiences for accurate profiling and segmentation.

delineate bertie improve marketing ROI

Improve marketing ROI

Boost accuracy of B2B campaigns and grow lifetime client value.


delineate bertie win more pitches

Win more pitches

Impress your B2B prospects with data-driven insights.

delineate bertie tool review

In-depth insights into B2B audiences – no more guesswork.


bertie gives you in-depth understanding of decision makers across core functions: Finance, IT, Marketing, Manufacturing, HR, Business Services, R&D & Procurement

By removing the guesswork, you can create more effective campaigns through:

  • Detailed audience profiling
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Data-led campaign planning
  • Evidenced media planning & buying 
delineate how bertie works

bertie is intuitive, easy to use and always-on.


bertie delivers data in quarterly feeds, through dashboards, crosstabs or API connection.

delineate bertie dashboards

A B2B platform with helpful tools and features.


  • Create and save tables with a simple drag and drop
  • Customisable audience analysis specific to your clients and your work
  • Share with other users at the click of a button
  • Export into excel for further analysis

Accurate B2B data at your fingertips.


US and UK.

More countries rolling out in 2019.

4,000 interviews per quarter

Data is representative of the business populations per country including age, gender, region, seniority level and company size.


12 million data points per quarter

Business attitudes,
general media consumption, and
specific trade title consumption.

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