delineate chloe always-on Audience Intelligence

Always-on data for smart marketing decisions. chloe connects brand, audience and campaign intelligence into one powerful platform.


Why brands use chloe

delineate chloe instant brand tracking

Instant brand tracking

Segment audiences & track brand equity in real-time

delineate chloe audience platform

One powerful audience platform

Connected audience insights across the marketing funnel

delineate chloe campaign action

Rapid campaign action

Measure campaigns in-flight and take action

Accurate data with in-depth insight


13 countries:

US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland


Over 30,000 interviews per quarter

Data is representative of the national populations of each country, based on age, gender and region


150 million data points per quarter

General attitudes and behaviours, category purchase and consumption, brand funnel metrics and campaign measurement 


delineate chloe accurate data

End-to-end insights into audiences and brands

chloe is always-on, collecting the views and opinions of consumers, to help marketers plan, activate and evaluate campaigns.

chloe enables you to:

  • Segment and profile audiences
  • Track brand equity in real-time
  • Measure and course correct campaigns in-flight
  • Understand the path to purchase, triggers and barriers
delineate how chloe works

chloe connects data in one always-on platform


Powerful data in one easy-to-use platform, presented in a range of customisable views.


  • Always-on, user friendly and intuitive self service platform
  • Choose out-of-the-box, or simple-to-build custom reports
  • Multiple sharing options e.g. PDF and Excel
  • Integrates with enterprise data tabulation software
  • Scalable across markets
delineate chloe dashboards

chloe is supported by a dedicated client success team


delineate chloe

Our mission is to put better data and meaningful insights into the hands of every marketer. chloe is simple and easy to use, but should you require any assistance, our dedicated account team are on hand to help you extract maximum value through chloe. 

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